Southern New Hampshire Health launched the Legacy Trust in 2020 to help individuals and families in greater Nashua. We deeply appreciate those who support our effort to serve the needs of our patients and surrounding community.

We believe that people must be able to access exceptional healthcare regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status.

We need your help to reach our goal of improving the overall health and wellness of the community both within and beyond our hospital campus. Through collaboration with Southern New Hampshire Health leadership and our local partners, the Legacy Trust will identify mission-aligned and data-indicated opportunities to secure and deploy resources.

Our objectives are grounded in the following values:

TRUST— Our patient-focused decisions are made with respect, accountability, compassion and commitment in mind. 

STEWARDSHIP—All philanthropic gifts are used as the donor wishes and focus on areas where there is a pressing need for help.

COLLABORATION—Philanthropic initiatives include our community stakeholders as advocates and partners. 

INTEGRITY—We are committed to continuous learning and welcome feedback from donors, community partners and patients.

The Legacy Trust’s leaders work closely with the SNHH Board of Trustees to allocate resources where they are most needed and most effective.


Our Trustees are passionate about delivering healthcare and wellness services to our community and have dedicated their valuable time and service to helping patients who are struggling with food insecurity, transportation needs, substance misuse, mental health and other health challenges.


We are grateful to the following Trustees for their dedicated service:

Albee Budnitz, MD, Chair
Frances Bell, RN
Liz Brooks
Robert Eisenberg
Kristin Hardwick

Colin McHugh
Rachel Rowe
Randy Smith
Paul Trainor, CFO, SNHH, Treasurer

Paula Taylor, Director of Philanthropy


Thank you to our contributors of $1,000+ during our inaugural year. Your donations make all the difference to our most vulnerable patients through Project HELP, the Emerging Needs Fund and Specialized Care. We appreciate your generosity!

Albee Budnitz & Vivian Rowe
Charles Nutt Trust
Bob Eisenberg
Digital Federal Credit Union
Sherry & Steve Hausmann
Debra Nash
Mary Prindle
Liz Reed
R.J. Finlay & Co.
Michael Rose
Rachel Rowe
Ralph Simone
Randy Smith
Jim Steiner & Audrey Augun
Catherine Taft
Jonathan & Jane Weber